The Elburn & Countryside Community Center (ECCC) is a not-for-profit organization serving the Greater Elburn Community. Please click on the links to the left to learn more about the Center, our Services, and our Tenants.

Packed with local history, the ECCC is more than just a nostalgic building. Located at 525 N. Main St. in Elburn, this landmark structure started by serving the studens of ELburn High School in 1929. After the Kaneland School District moved from the building, a need for programs normally found at a traditional park district was expressed. In response to that need, a collaboration of community members in the late 1980′s created the ECCC.

“The ECCC operates soley on donations and money received from the renttal of office space, meetings and activities. We do not receive any tax dollars,”

- Bill Brauer, ECCC board member

Today, ┬áthe ECCC offers services and programs typically found at a community park district. Music and dance instruction, puppy and dog training classes, a men’s basketball league, Zumba, Jazzercise, martial arts and yoga instruction can call be found at the North Main Street location.

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